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Goodbye Cision

Today’s my last day at Cision. This marks the end of a 12-year run that accelerated through three acquisitions in the last two years. From founding Union Metrics, to being acquired by TrendKite, to being acquired by Cision to being acquired by Platinum Equity, I’ve learned more than I could have imagined.

More than anyone else, I need to thank Erik Huddleston for believing in what we built at UM and for his tireless efforts through all the challenges (and deals) that followed. His work literally changed my life.

TrendKite folks, thank you for welcoming the UM team with open arms. I learned so much in a short time but I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Kevin McKeown for the grad-level sales education and for his boundless energy and focus.

Gregg Spratto, thanks for taking a risk on me and giving me room to learn in a new role.

To my Cision colleagues, especially Jessica McAulay, David Bannister, Loïc Vienne, Lauren Futris, Chris Cutino, Jennifer Rumer (Estefani), Kurt Wyckoff, Jamie LaJoie and Shannon Yakimow I know Cision will get bigger, stronger and more human under your leadership.

As for me, I’m privileged to be able to make this move on my terms and to take time to consider what’s next professionally. In the interim, I intend to put my privilege to work. More soon.

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